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Hallberg-Rassy 34

1 295 000 SEK
Hallberg-Rassy 34
Year of production: 1998
Location: Landskrona
Manufacturer: Hallberg-Rassy
Price  1 295 000 SEK / 131 689 EURO

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This HR34 are as new. The condtion of the boat is very nice. A true opportunity!

The Hallberg-Rassy 34 was built from 1990 until 2005 in 500 units.

HR 34 with her efficient keel and sturdy fractional rig shows sailing characteristics that should not be possible for a fine cruising boat like this. She has won many races, although she at the same time offers great comfort for cruising long distances.


The vast 2.24 m aft cockpit is well protected from the sea by the Hallberg-Rassy typical wind screen. All halyard and reefing lines are controlled from the cockpit.

We quote from the Swedish yachting magazine Båtnytt:
"The carpentry is excellent with well-made laminated wood edgings and counters, fine doors and louvered cupboard fronts. Also the choice of material - light, smooth mahogany - scores points. The engine installation has good air intake and is well sound insulated. The manoeuvring ability is excellent, as well as the sailing qualities. HR 34 has the touch of a racing boat, heels, speeds up with a comfortable weather helm and has a good response on trimming. A splendid boat for modern cruising sailors."


För moe information in English, please contact our responsible agent Jonas Albinsson,, +46 708 846600.

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