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Boat Agent will sell your boat.

Putting your boat up for sale? Contact us at Boat Agent for a free estimate on the value. Use the reply form on mail, or call us for a first consultation.

Putting your boat up for sale?
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- Reply form - Use the reply form on mail, or call us for a first consultation

A few steps on the way to a succesful boat deal:

1. Choose a boat agent, who is experienced in marketing and frequently exposed at the right venues.

Boat Agent has a continuous flow of marketing: advertising in papers and boat magazines, representation at boat exhibitions and at marinas and with a well spread network of contacts. Boat Agent will help you with pictures, prospect, text, inventory and documentation.

2. Choose a purposeful boat agent with a strong drive.

Boat Agent does not represent any agencies, marinas or geographical areas. Boat Agent represents the boats we sell – nothing else. This will guarantee a high price and a quick deal. The boat we sell for you get a 100% focus.

3. Choose a boat agent that will give you access to your boat – and no unnecessary exposure or wear.

Boat Agent will give you access to your boat during the sales period as we show the boat at its berth. We only arrange personal viewings with serious clients.


4.Choose a boat agent that will give you good conditions.

Boat Agent can keep low prices as we do not carry costs for piers, buildings, running of a marina or other extensive business (which run costs all year round). With Boat Agent you only pay for us selling your boat – nothing else!

5. Choose a boat agent with a "Target price guarantee".

Boat Agent will together with you agree on a satisfying and reasonable price for the sale. Should we not reach this, can you at any time end our agreement without any cost. This means that there is no economical risk on your behalf.

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